Features of rooExtend at a glance:

rooDial  -  The Microsoft Surface Dial becomes a wireless controller for Roon..
roo6D  -  Control Roon with the SpaceMouse® Wireless.
rooNuimo  -  Luxury wireless remote control for Roon with the Senic Nuimo.
rooWatch  -  Control Roon with the Apple-Watch.
rooHead  -  Database of over 4000 headphone reference equalizers for Roon.
rooPlay  -  Operate USB-DACs as streamers with Roon.
 -  Play music from Apple devices through Roon and its DSPs.
 -  Play records through Roon and its DSPs.
 -  Digitize records.
 -  Play CDs directly through Roon and its DSPs (without ripping).
rooUPnP  -  Use UPnP streamers with Roon.
Application Manager  -  Install open source community-based Roon Extensions.