Useful and easy to install extensions for the roon musicserver.

Hello, my name is Dr. Carl-Werner Oehlrich, developer of the AudioVolver room correction system and ceo of the definiteAudio GmbH located in Germany. I am an enthusiastic user of roon that allows me to use FIR filters for room correction! You can search for me on the internet under DrCWO

I started this rooExtend site to provide roon extensions that I consider to be useful. In contrast to other solutions, everything that is offered here is plug&play. My top priority is to give you easy setup and trouble-free operation.

In the future I plan to offer a number of other extensions under the rooExtend brand. The first product which is available now is rooDial, a roon extension for the Microsoft Surface Dial (see below).

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Do you want to control roon with a minimal wireless dial? Then rooDial is perfect for you.

rooDial is a software developed to allow you to control roon with an off the shelf Microsoft Surface Dial, a minimal, simple well designed product that fits in with any home.

rooDial doesn't only allow you to control the volume, you can also pause and skip tracks instantaneously with a turn or a push of the dial.

More on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooDial please contact me here
Next to come: rooUPnP

As we all know, roon doesn't support UPnP devices.

With rooUPnP you can use all your available UPnP/DLNA playback devices with the genuine roon musicserver without any quality loss!
If your playback device supports volume control via UPnP, this also will be supportet by rooUPnP. So volume can be controlled by roon without loss.
A prototype already works like charm in my lab on a RaspberryPi 4.
If you are interested in rooUPnP and also in rooDial maybe you better get a RaspberryPi 4 for rooDial.
rooUPnP and rooDial will be shipped on the same SD card so you can decide during setup which function you like to license...