The Whole World of Extensions for the Musicserver Roon.

Hello, my name is Dr. Carl-Werner Oehlrich, I am an enthusiastic user of Roon and the developer of the rooExtend Roon Extensions. You can find me on the internet by my initials DrCWO.

I started this rooExtend site to provide Roon Extensions that I consider to be useful. In contrast to other solutions, everything that is offered here is plug&play. My top priority is to provide you with easy setup, smooth operation and exceptional support.

All rooExtend functions at a glance...

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- YouTube instruction videos for rooExtend.
- Support Forum for rooExtend.
- Download area for rooExtend.

Product desciptions:
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rooExtend-Box rooExtend-Box

The rooExtend-Box is a ready-to-use high quality product.
You can plug it in and it works right out of the box without having to tinker with a Raspberry Pi or SD-Card-Images.

The rooExtend box includes all Roon Extensions described on this page. In addition, an Over The Air update functionality automatically uploads all updates and newly added Roon extensions to the rooExtend-Box. Also included in the package is a 60-day trial license for the Roon Extensions rooWatch, rooDial, roo6D, rooUPnP and rooPlay.

More about the rooExtend-Box at the rooExtend-Box product page

If you have any questions regarding the rooExtend-Box please contact me here

rooADI rooADI

Unlock the power of lossless Device Volume Control from Roon with your ADI-2 family DAC!

The RME ADI-2 family DACs (ADI-2 DAC, ADI-2 Pro, ADI-2/4 Pro) share one genuine common feature: Volume control without sacrificing DAC resolution, also called "Auto Ref Level".

With rooADI you can use this including a bidirectional Device Volume contol for all ADI-2 DACs plus some more nice additional features.

More about rooADI on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooADI please contact me here

rooAIDJ is a revolutionary new chat-based AI that will change the way you discover, curate and play music in Roon!

The rooAIDJ Artificeal Intelligence Disk-Jockey comes as App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AppleTV. It offers the latest GPT technology to understand your requests and provide personalized recommendations. Simply type in your music request, mood, preference or whatever comes to your mind and let rooAIDJ recommend and play music for you.

More about rooAIDJ on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooAIDJ please contact me here
rooDial rooDial

Do you want to control Roon with a minimal wireless dial? Then rooDial is perfect for you.

rooDial is a software developed to allow you to control Roon with an off the shelf Microsoft Surface Dial, a minimal, simple well designed product that fits in with any home.

rooDial doesn't only allow you to control the volume, you can also pause and skip tracks instantaneously with a turn or a push of the dial.

More about rooDial on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooDial please contact me here
rooWatch rooNuimo

Smart and New. With rooWatch your Apple Watch will become your new preferred Roon controller!

rooWatch consists of two parts, a native App for the Apple Watch and a server component integrated in the rooExtend SD-Card image.

Beside a lot of gestures for the screen of the Apple Watch, you also can control Roon with Siri. A rich set of Siri commands like "Hey Siri, play album 'Dark side of the Moon'" is offered by rooWatch.

More about rooWatch on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooWatch please contact me here
rooUPnP rooUPnP

As we all know, Roon doesn't support UPnP streamers.

With rooUPnP you can use your beloved UPnP/DLNA streamer together with the genuine Roon musicserver without any quality loss!

If your playback device supports volume control via UPnP, this also will be supportet by rooUPnP. So device volume can be controlled by Roon without loss. It works as smooth as Roon Ready devices. The only drawback may be a time delay in coupled zones.

rooUPnP and rooDial will be shipped on the same SD card so you can decide during setup which extension you like to license...

More about rooUPnP on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooUPnP please contact me here
roo6D rooUPnP

Do you want to control Roon with a really innovative, and High End wireless device? Then roo6D is perfect for you.

roo6D is a software developed to allow you to control Roon with an off the shelf Space MouseWireless from 3dConnexion. This is a stylish product with a very good feel and quality. It has a High End attitude, is rugged and really heavy (500g). It is operated by a built in rechargeabe battery that lasts up to one month. With its knob allowing six degrees of freedom you have a sensible control of many Roon functions with a slight move of your finger.

roo6D doesn't only allow you to control the volume, you can also pause, skip tracks and do more things instantaneously with a turn, move or a push of the Space Mouse.

More about roo6D on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding roo6D please contact me here
rooHead rooHead

rooHEAD is a Roon Extension that creates reference quality equalizers for more than 4000 headphones. The equalizers are calculated based on the scientific findings of the Harman company.

With rooHead, music sounds as if it was played with a calibrated system in a refernce listening room.

More about rooHead on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooHead please contact me here
rooPlay rooPlay

With rooPlay you can stream audio from external sources to Roon using its DSPs.

This means you can use Airplay to stream audio from your iPhone, connect an audio interface to playback LPs with Roon, record LPs in FLAC files, and also play audio CDs from a connected CD-ROM drive.
USB-DACs connected to rooExtend can be used as Roon or HQ-Player playback devices and finally rooPlay offers various audio test signals.

More about rooPlay on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding the rooPlay please contact me here

rooNuimo rooNuimo

Outstanding optic, haptic and mechanical design made in Germany, that's what Numio stands for. The Nuimo is a high quality device and made for HiFi enthusiasts with the highest demands who want to treat themselves to something extraordinary.

On the part of the manufacturer, Nuimo was intended as a controller for Sonos. With rooNuimo we now offer a Roon Extension with which this extraordinary device can be used to control Roon.

More about rooNuimo on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding rooNuimo please contact me here
rooExtend Lid You use rooExtend with a Pi3 or Pi4 in a FLIRC case?

Then this little accessory gives your FLIRC case a professional look and eliminates the "small of DIY".

The lid is solid and milled out of a black anodized 1.5mm strong aluminum plate. The corners are rounded to integrate perfectly with the FLIRC body and the bevelled edges result in a perfect fit in the case's recess.

The lid is labeled with the rooExtend logo and thus shows the contents of your FLIRC housing. The writing is laser engraved and therefore razor sharp.

More about the rooExtend Lid on my product page at

If you have any questions regarding the rooExtend Lid please contact me here
HoloAudio-Red HoloAudio - Red

HoloAudio - Red is a rock solid network streamer with multiple digital audio outputs suppied by Ethernet.

On its back there is a slot for a SD-Card. Just put a SD-Card with the rooExtend image in it and you will get all the options of rooExtend available in addition to the pure Roon streaming functionality.

To use the device with rooExtend copy the rooExtend SD-Card image to a 16GB SD card using balenaEtcher and insert it into the HoloAudio - Red.

If you have any questions regarding the use of HoloAudio-Red please contact me here